"This laundromat is very clean and the staff are professional. They did an excellent job with my laundry. I was hesitant about having someone do my laundry but their service was great."

"Thanks guys. You saved me a lot of time. It was well worth it. The laundry was folded so nicely and smelled good. I’ll tell all my friends about you."

"I am so glad I came across this laundromat. It is the cleanest and best laundromat I have used in years. The staff were very nice and helpful and the machines very fast. Felt good doing my clothes there."

"Finally, somewhere clean and fresh to do my laundry. Love it. Just Love it."

"Thank you for offering pick up and delivery service. It is fantastic.The sheets smelled clean. Everything looked clean and was folded wonderfully. I love how my clothes were folded. Everything was folded perfectly for the dresser drawers."

"Everything folded beautifully and amazingly sorted by person (without knowing too much about my fam!) that made putting things away a dream!

Everything is spotless and smells good…….."